Who We Are

B5 Design is a creative design Studio & Fitout expert; we are specialized in Luxury residential, hospitality & high-end commercial projects. We have successfully completed various projects in the region for major corporations as well as private owners.

Behind every success is a great team

build high-performance teams is worth their weight in gold.


B5 Design was established with the vision of offering creative design & Fitout solutions that meets our clients expectations based on deep study of the client’s needs & budget. Each one of our projects is defined by its unique identity and it delivers a special experience through the seamless fusion of design and operation.


Our commitment and involvement are consistently strong through every phase of the design and construction process through our dynamic, knowledgeable and creative designers & architects. We strongly emphasize the creative design process, project management and especially client service. Our documentation and methodology have been praised by many owners and operators and we are constantly improving and perfecting our system.


Our goal is to meet the specific needs of each client with creative and appropriate design solutions and it is our belief that the integration of all the complementary design disciplines results in exceptional outstanding projects.

Our Team

The team is formed of talented and skilled design professionals from diverse backgrounds sharing a common goal; collectively we speak more than 6 languages.

Due to the size of our practice and the open approach to design, all our team members must demonstrate to have versatile skills and have been trained to approach the design process in a holistic manner and to never lose focus on the next step and the ultimate goal.

Each one of our designers brings a unique skill set and a personal perspective to each project and has the experience and talent to navigate the various steps of the design and construction process and to see our collective ideas develop into tangible results